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Hospital Design Tips

Hospital Design Tips

Hospital Design, Construction, Maintenance, Operation and Smooth Running Guidelines & Tips for the Health Industry.

Hybrid Theatres


It feels great to be back on board www.HospitalDesignTips.com after a while as we have been extremely busy with our assignments on greenfield healthcare projects and despite our best endeavours we had to keep all our energies focussed on our clients and best protecting their interests.

A big Welcome back to all our regular visitors and readers of www.HospitalDesignTips.com, we hope to keep you abreast of the latest development in the healthcare industry through informative new articles regularly.
I have been meaning to expand my article on Operating Theatres to include Hybrid Theatres and this article will focus on that subject.

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Hospital Interior Wall & Corner Protection

Every time I visit a hospital for professional or personal reason, I cannot help observing areas where improvements could be suggested. Some of the easy improvement opportunities to spot are dirt and scratch marks on walls, doors, lifts interior finish, corners, and floors. Most of these marks representing wear & tear of wall finish result from the daily traffic comprising of patients, visitors, patient beds, and other medical equipment’s frequent movement across the hospital or medical facility.

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Healthcare Opportunities for Consultants, Architects & Professionals

This article is not about healthcare or clinical planning but serves as an extension of my previous article on design team members.

I have been meaning to create an international web based platform for the hospital designers, builders, decision makers, users, students and staff – key stakeholders – of healthcare facilities.

This led me to the creation of this website – www.HospitalDesignTips.com

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Healthcare Consultants Enlistment for Prospective Projects

Individuals/firms/consortiums are encouraged to fill out their personal/company brief to help us ear mark suitable choices for projects/inquiries from around the world. The following link would take you to a pdf form which you can mail directly from within.

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Hospital Design Team Members

HospitalDesignTips.com has been at the fore front of providing the right guidance to healthcare professionals, new entrants and students alike for the last many years. Since hospital and/or healthcare design is a very specialist domain it encompasses particular development stages. In this article I would like to fly you through the process as well as introduce you to the design team members that design healthcare projects.

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Daylight – Essential for Hospital Patients & Staff Alike

This article picks up from my previous article on how Hospital design can improve as healing environments (http://www.hospitaldesigntips.com/2008/04/a-healing-place-called-hospital/) I focus on the need for daylight and what design aspects one must keep in mind at the design stage.

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Future Flexibility in Healthcare and Hospital Building Design and Construction

A Recent trend or innovation in healthcare facilities design has been a requirement for “future flexibility” or “future proofing” the entire hospital or lab building.

As the medical and hospital design science advances by leaps and bounds, new diagnostic and treatment procedures are developed for clinical administration. The product life cycle for medical equipment becomes shorter, replacing bigger, bulkier and inefficient energy hungry machines by smaller, more efficient and environmentally friendly ones. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Hearing Test Rooms and Audiology Booths

Hearing Test Room or an Audiology Booth can be described as a room within a room as these are designed and built inside the constructed building for soundproofing purpose as the hearing tests must be performed in extremely quiet surroundings. These tests can last around an hour and any external sounds will require the complete test to be performed again thereby costing a lot of time and resources. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Health Care Staff & Nursing Staff

One would argue that of all the public & private sectors, staff shortage in hospitals is one of the most critical issues. Some are short term due to illness or other personal reasons but permanent shortages are more serious, mainly due to people leaving service at retirement, changing employer or even moving away to another city or even a new country.

Nurses are an important component of the health care industry in the UK like elsewhere in the world. They cater to the instantaneous requirements and time to time care needs of patients after the diagnosis and/or operation. Their job encompasses a wide range of medical services including the administration of acute medical care. This class of medical care is a very important one in the recovery of a patient.

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Way Finding & Signage in Hospitals & Clinics

Visits to a hospital by patients or their visitors are almost always a stressful experience, especially the first visit. This stress can rapidly escalate, if they cannot get to where they need to go, quickly – be it to get treatment or to visit a loved one. The difficulty to find way can be compounded for the patient or a visitor if they are less able-bodied person e.g. if they are visually impaired, colour blind, or wheelchair bound etc. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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